The Best Excuses for Giving an Exam

The Best Excuses for Giving an Exam

Some of us like exams and some don’t. Here are some really good reasons why we should give exams.

We all have to face exams at some time in our life. Some love taking exams while others don’t. Here are some really good reasons why we should take exams:

  1. Tests can help teachers know you better, so they can decide what courses you are doing well in, and at what level
  2. Tests help teachers decide if you need special help or if you need special
  3. Tests can help teachers find out how they are teaching. For example, if half the class answers a question or a series of questions incorrectly, the teacher will know what to stress on. It will benefit you.
  4. Tests can help you find out what you know and what you need to study more. Ask your teacher, or have your parent ask your teacher for this information.
  5. Tests can help you compare your progress with your classmates, so you know you either need to work harder or you can pat yourself on the back and relax a little. This can help you to work harder the next time and help you get good grades.
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Mitch, posted this comment on Feb 29th, 2008

great article, it’s all very true. I personally like exams, teachers wouldn’t waste their time if it didn’t help :P

Micheal Adams, posted this comment on Aug 5th, 2008

Yeh…Exams FTW! lol :P

Njmad, posted this comment on Aug 17th, 2008

exams ftl!!! How can you like them? Thats what they are: EXCUSES! Save us and you the trouble, and give up. o.O lolz.

Micheal Adams(author), posted this comment on Sep 1st, 2008

lol….i happen to LOVE exams and ALL thing related to SCHOOL… SCHOOL FTW!! :D

Ebwly, posted this comment on Jul 8th, 2009

lolz interesting views :p heya lords its ebwly from zdz. first time i checked out ur atricles. i must say, they are v. thoughtful :p great job, keep it up Xd

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